Press Articles

On corporate pledges to reduce GHG emissions from Project Syndicate

On sustainability from the Economic Times of India

From Arab Finance on the Egyptian Government’s relationships with oil majors.

An article on climate change and supply chains from Quartz.

An interview with Financial Times energy correspondent Derek Brower about the energy transition – part of an FT conference on the same topic.

An article on the Bloomberg web site summarizing a recent paper of mine noting that the cost of transitioning to clean energy in power generation is now remarkably low.

An op-ed on the Reuters web site about corporate reporting on environmental social and governance (ESG) issues 

A New York Times article about the IPO for Saudi Aramco 

A video on you-Tube about the provision of capital for renewable energy plants

A comment on the impact of climate change on retail purchasing from Inverse

CNN asked me to blog about their recent Climate Town Hall, and you can find my comments on what the candidates said about climate issues at this link:

 Climate change is killing millions of plants and animals – and untold scientific discoveries in the process – The Hill, July 11 2019

Florida utility aims to build world’s biggest battery – CBS web site

Coal is a financial bust but emissions keep on rising – an article on CBS web site

Fighting climate change be easier than we think – an article I wrote for CNN

Trump and the Environment – a speech I gave to the Center for Capitalism and Society at Columbia University

What’s wrong with the Trump administration’s approach to the environment – from USA Today.

Tourism can damage the environment – think of all the fuel burned – but it can also do good. From Columbia Business School’s Ideas at Work.

A carbon tax is a popular idea as a way of combatting climate change – here is a mildly skeptical article on the topic from The Hill, posted 7/29/18.

I’m working on the impact of sea level rise and coastal flooding arising from climate change: here is a recent article in The Hill., posted on 7/18/18.

Here’s a July 6, 2018 article for CNBC about the EPA’s move to weaken automobile fuel efficiency standards.

Here’s a May 2018 article I wrote for CNBC on the future of oil markets and energy systems.

Here’s a December 2017 article I wrote in Politico about the power system in Puerto Rico and how to react to the massive damage done by Hurricane Marie

In November 2017 I spoke at a meeting organized by The Atlantic on The Power of Purpose, otherwise corporate social responsibility: here’s a link to this on YouTube.

Here are some articles about my recent research from the Wall Street Journal,  Bloomberg and Business Insider .and the Guardian.  The first three are about my paper on the cost of reducing US greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050. It’s a paper that caused a lot of surprise: I argue that the cost is very low.

Here’s an article from the web site of the American Economic Association about my analysis of the climate change problem. And here’s an article in the UK financial publication CITY AM on the same topic.

This is a talk I gave to the National Academy of Sciences about solving the climate problem, based on my work on the cost of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And here’s a longer talk on the same topic, at the New School for Social Research.

Here is an article about some of my recent research about the impact of climate change on labor productivity. There is growing evidence that temperature increases in hot regions depress productivity.

Here’s an interview I gave to a French TV channel about environmental economics, in particular about the economic importance of natural ecosystems, and here’s a talk I gave at the Lumen Christi Institute at the University of Chicago.

This is a post on the Columbia web site about my research.

These are two blog posts about my latest book, Endangered Economies.

Here’s a talk that I gave to the Carnegie Council about corporate social responsibility. This is an interview I gave to a German TV program about the same topic.

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