Publications on Climate Change


  1. Carbon Taxes and the Oil Market (with Wolfram Schlenker) – a non-technical explanation of the findings of our study of the effects of a carbon tax in item 3 below.
  2. Review article from the Journal of Economic Literature, non-technical and accessible, giving an overview of the economic issues that climate change raises
  3. A study of the effect of a carbon tax on the use of fossil fuels, suggesting that such a tax would have to be very high – $200/ton CO2 or more – to have an impact on oil use.
  4. A spreadsheet containing the calculations for item 5.
  5. An update of item 6, the cost of the energy transition, to allow for the falls in the costs of renewable energy and energy storage.
  6. An analysis of the cost of the energy transition from fossil fuels to carbon-free energy in the US
  7. Rising Oceans – Economics and Science. A review of what we know about the impact of sea level rise in the US.
  8. Another review article, from Climatic Change and more technical than the previous one, going into more details about the economics of climate change
  9. Review of Environmental Economics and Policy – a relatively non-technical article about how to think about the uncertainties associated with climate change
  10. A more technical version of 3, forthcoming in the Handbook of Environmental and Resource Economics, edited by Partha Dasgupta
  11. paper from Nature Climate Change on making climate choices in the face of uncertainty
  12. Scientific Ambiguity and Climate Policy (with Antony Millner and Simon Dietz) – a paper that won an award for Best Paper of the Year in Environmental and Resource Economics
  13. Agreeing to Disagree – with Antony Millner from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the US, about the choice of discount rates in long-term projects such as climate change.
  14. Review of Environmental Economics and Policy – a review article on climate change
  15. An old paper of mine on modeling the uncertain absorbtive capacity of the atmosphere.
  16. Who Should Abate Carbon Emissions – from Economic Letters
  17. Temperature Stress and the Direct Impact of Climate Change: A Review of an Emerging Literature from the Review of Environmental Economics and Policy
  18. Labor Productivity and Temperature with Jisung Park and Nan Zhong

More of my publications can be found at Academic Commons, on the web site of the National Bureau of Economic Research and on the web site of the Social Science Research Network. There is also a listing of my papers, with links to some of them, at REPEC.