Other Publications

  1. What are a corporation’s social responsibilities? A suggestion. 
  2. Discounting by Committee from Journal of Public Economics
  3. Time Consistency and Time Invariance in Collective Intertemporal Choice from Journal of Economic Theory
  4. A Model of Corporate Philanthropy with Ray Fisman and Vinay Nair
  5. Optimal Growth with Intertemporally Dependent Preferences: Review of Economic Studies
  6. Spatial Structure & Retail Trade: Bell Journal of Economics 
  7. Notes on the Economic Consequences of Uncertain Product Quality:Review of Economic Studies 
  8. Social Reinforcement: Cascades Entrapment and Tipping, American Economic Journals: Microeconomics
  9. Equity Efficiency and Increasing Returns: Review of Economic Studies 
  10. Planning Prices & Increasing Returns: Review of Economic Studies 
  11. National Income in a Dynamic Economy with Bengt Kriström
  12. Topological Social Choice
  13. Price Uncertainty and Derivative Securities
  14. Host-MNC Relations in Resource-Rich Countries with Natasha Chichilnisky-Heal
  15. The Geometry of Implementation: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Straightforward Games

More of my publications can be found at Academic Commons, on the web site of the National Bureau of Economic Research and on the web site of the Social Science Research Network. There is also a listing of my papers, with links to some of them, at REPEC.