Environmental Publications

  1. A review of the (huge) economic value of biodiversity, together with an analysis of why the market fails to conserve biodiversity appropriately and what we can do to improve this situation.
  2. A critiqueof the value of a carbon tax
  3. A very non-technical review of the economic importance of biodiversity conservation
  4. A historical review of the considerable practical and intellectual accomplishments of environmental economics, published in the Review of Environmental Economics and Policy (REEP)
  5. Defining and Measuring Sustainability, a survey paper on sustainability (also from REEP)
  6. Are We Consuming too Much? A more technical paper on sustainability
  7. An article about how lower oil prices affect the competitiveness of renewable energy
  8. A paper on fisheries conservation and marine protected areas
  9. Why do People Care About Sea Lions? (with Min Gong)
  10. A General Business Model for Marine Reserves (from the Public Library of Science)
  11. Global Environmental Risks (from the Journal of Economic Literature)
  12. Sustainable Fisheries with Wolfram Schlenker from Nature
  13. Valuing Ecosystem Services with Ed Barbier from The Economists’ voice – a non-technical introduction to some recent conceptual developments in environmental economics
  14. From Growth to Green Growth – a Framework with Stéphane Hallegate, Marian Fay and David Treguer
  15. Are Resource-Producers Rich? Accounting and the Resource Curse
  16. Genetic Diversity and Interdependent Crop Choice in Agriculture
  17. Bundling Biodiversity Journal of the European Economic Association
  18. The Relationship between Price and Extraction Cost for a Resource with a Backstop Technology, from the Bell Journal of Economics
  19. Global Environmental Risks from the Journal of Economic Perspectives
  20. A General Business Model for Marine Reserves from PLOS One
  21. Should Governments Use a Declining discount Rate In Project Analysis?

More of my publications can be found at Academic Commons, on the web site of the National Bureau of Economic Research and on the web site of the Social Science Research Network. There is also a listing of my papers, with links to some of them, at REPEC.

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